ERP Consultant.

I am Johan Ulijn. JuseIT is my sole proprietorship which I started in August 2013. My main activity is ERP consultancy. ERP means Enterprise Resource Planning. This is an information system or software used by organizations to support their primary processes within their enterprise.

Specialized in IFS Applications©.

In 2001, my former employer decided to implement IFS Applications© and as a member of the implementation team and end-user, I learned the system. I observed that the organization didn't use the system as it should and didn't optimize their processes. I wanted to know more about the system and decided to work for IFS Benelux in 2007. Here I learned about the many possibilities that the system offers to customers. In 2012 I had the feeling that I could do more for clients when I should continue as an independent consultant. In a good relationship with IFS Benelux I decided to make this step in 2013.

Spiral aloe

Importance of a good ERP system.

In The Third Wave, Alvin Toffler analyzes the rapid changes in social structures and technology. The First Wave is characterized as the agricultural revolution and the Second Wave as the industrial revolution.

Personally I see The Third Wave as the informational revolution. The impact of the current information provision on our social structures is enormous. Information technologies are developing rapidly. Information is becoming available very quick. People, especially the younger generations, develop skills to record and process information very fast.

Everyone knows the three production factors: natural resources, capital and labor. I also see information as the 4th resource. Without the right information, an organization can not make the right decisions. The ERP system is a major source for this information and this directly indicates the importance of a good and open ERP system.




JuseIT is pronounced as "you-site". It is a combination of ju, use and IT in which ju obviously stands for Johan Ulijn. Use and IT speak for themselves. Looking for a logo, I found the picture of the Fibonacci Spiral. Mathematics always fascinated me and therefor the Fibonacci Sequence was not strange to me. The Fibonacci Spiral mathematical approaches the golden ratio. Of this golden ration many people in architecture, art painting but also in physics say that the ratio has many intrinsic beauty. Flower seeds would follow this ratio when growing to absorb most efficiently the sunlight. Upon reading this, the interest has only grown. In the end I still have no official logo. If that logo there yet come, it will surely be based. On the golden ratio and the Fibonacci Spiral This also explains the pictures on this page. When reading this, the interest only has grown. In the end I still have no official logo. But if that logo will finally be ready, it will surely be based on the golden ratio and the Fibonacci Spiral. This also explains the pictures on this page.

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