As mentioned in the introduction of JuseIT, information is vital for any organization. To get the right information from an ERP system is only possible when the system is setup in such a way it supports the business processes best and the essential data is entered correct and efficiently. Why efficiently? Because many mouse clicks, keystrokes or more new-fashioned, screen touches lead to more irritation which can lead to not entering data in time or to incorrect data. The organization cannot benefit from this.

Solution definition and configuration.

The implementation of an ERP system starts with the knowledge of and (when not done yet) describing the business processes. The process model as deliverable of this step is the start for mapping the business processes to the ERP functionality. In this stage also the required interfaces with other applications like CAD-systems and external planning tools needs to be defined.

IFS Applications© offers the customer a lot of functionality and a lot of flexibility due to the many configurations options available in the core application. Examples are custom fields in windows, custom menu items in the context menu (say right mouse buttons) and custom events and the custom event actions. These configuration options makes it possible in many cases to avoid customization of the core functionality of IFS Applications© and still achieve a the best fit between business processes and ERP system. In this process my role could be to help with finding the best fit using core functionality and certain configurations. I also could help in implement the configurations in the system.


A substantially step in the implementation is the data conversion and/or – migration. The solution definition determines which basic data is required in the ERP system. In implementations in which multiple companies are involved, aspects like global, company specific – and site specific data are important in IFS Applications©. Another aspect is the data which needs to be loaded during the go-live process also called cut-over. This data is dynamic or transactional and the questions is always: do we finish work in the legacy system or do we import it and finish it in the new system?

I can help you in identifying and defining the basic data, help you in setting up a cut-over strategy and if necessary I can create migration jobs or scripts to load basic – or dynamic data.

Interfaces and reports.

A customer implementing IFS Applications© the first time has limited knowledge of the system. When the solution is defined, the system is configured and interfaces are required, I can add value by writing or reviewing specifications.

Reports are vital for organizations. IFS Applications©offers several solutions but it is also possible to use applications like Crystal Reports which can work together with IFS. A good report starts with defining the right data source. With my knowledge of PL/SQL, the solutions IFS Applications© offers and the database structure of IFS Applications© I can help and support you with setting up and creating reports. This also includes the layouts for standard reports in IFS Applications© like order confirmation, purchase order and internal production reports.

You probably know the saying "an image or picture says more than 1000 words". These days KPI's are displayed in so called dashboards. Everybody has seen these meters with the pointer in green if everything is OK and in red if there is a problem. I work with Datadash, powered by Datavase. Contact me or contact Datavase for more information.

Mobile solutions.

Barcoding and scanners have proven their added value long time ago. The use of mobile solutions like this can extend way further but success is related to the flexibility that the interface provides. Novacura AB offers several solutions which integrates with IFS Applications© to make it possible to create customized mobile apps for different platforms. In example. for one customer I have created mobile apps for report picking, receive and report orders and moving stock (with use of bar – and QR – coding). I like to bring you in contact with Novacura Benelux BV to look at the possibilities for your organization.